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About We KïLL Bosses

We KïLL Bosses is a highly competitive group of indiviuals whose main focus is creating the path through the end-game PVE realms of The Elder Scrolls Online. We strive to be the best at what we do, and accomplish this by maintaining a small roster of aggresive players who group together regularly. We work hard and we set records. Our core values promote strength, honor, and integrity while we set examples for others on how to properly raid and adventure in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online.

We do not believe in exploitation or cheating in any form. PVP skills are meant for use in Cyrodiil. We succeed in the end-game territories by using only the abilitiies that are readily available to us in PVE. We understand that failure brings us one step closer to victory, and will use these opportunities to learn from our mistakes as we theory-craft and invent fresh new strategies that will outperform the ones already in existence.

Most importantly, we are a group of friends who enjoy the heck out of gaming together in ESO. It's only a bonus that we get to listen to the "the voice" of WKB read us a little passage filled with Fifty Shades of Grey hotnesss before every raid. 

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WkB Downs Dragonstar Arena

by Çalipto, 340 days ago

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Guild Listing on Tamriel Foundry

by Çalipto, 348 days ago


 We now have a guild listing on Tamriel Foundry! Pleases select the following link to visit the guild listing page. In order to join the guild on Tamriel Foundry you will need to Add "Turd-Ferguson" as a friend, once he has your friend request he can add you to the guild!

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Update four preview

by Çalipto, 352 days ago

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World First Hel Ra Hard mode Kill!!

by Çalipto, 360 days ago

World First!

World First - AA Naked Full Clear


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