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We KïLL Bosses  is a competitive guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. We strive for excellence in both PvE and PvP combat, while fostering a guild atmosphere of friendship, camaraderie, and combined purpose.Above all else we are a group of friends, like-minded gamers, and MMO enthusiasts. Collectively, we endeavor to act as ambassadors within the ESO community while conquering the game’s many challenges.  We maintain lofty recruiting standards which allow us to preserve the spirit of our tight-knit community.

Our members each strive for individual excellence so that our collective efforts are successful. We expect members of We KïLL Bosses to uphold our core tenets and seek out opportunities to set a positive example throughout the ESO community. These responsibilities are rewarded through veteran leadership, respect, and prestige within the ESO community, and a laid-back atmosphere of shared enthusiasm for gaming. We Kïll Bosses is not a multi-game community. Our singular purpose isThe Elder Scrolls Online, and we are seeking exceptional members who share that focus.

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Guild Listing on Tamriel Foundry

by XxZepherxX, 32 days ago


 We now have a guild listing on Tamriel Foundry! Pleases select the following link to visit the guild listing page. In order to join the guild on Tamriel Foundry you will need to Add "Turd-Ferguson" as a friend, once he has your friend request he can add you to the guild!


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Update four preview

by XxZepherxX, 37 days ago

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World First Hel Ra Hard mode Kill!!

by XxZepherxX, 44 days ago

World First!

World First - AA Naked Full Clear


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Trial Champions!!

by XxZepherxX, 58 days ago

 World Champions

 Trial Finals - Video

ESO Future Panel



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